Choose your STroke

An endless variety of movements can be selected and fine-tuned during use.

NimbleStroker Actuator

The heart of the NimbleStroker system.

The actuator allows for real-time adjustment of speed, stroke length, and active texture without the need to stop the fun.

Active Texture allows the NimbleStroker to do more than just stroke.

Nimble™ motion capability provides continuously adjustable stimulation ranges from high intensity fully encompassing vibration to steady stroking that gradually fades in and out, and everything in between.

Moves in ways you never thought possible.


The tube assembly is the business end of the NimbleStroker.

The snap-together design makes it easy to swap sleeves, and easy to clean.

It features a no-clog valve and attachment points in case you want to get creative with positioning.

Shown here with the seal separated and the sleeve exposed.


The size and texture of the sleeve will affect the intensity of the stimulation.

Sleeves are made from skin-safe silicone.

When selecting sleeve options for your NimbleStroker, refer to the details below.





Select a texture distribution to suit your preference and sensitivity





The tube seal is an Exploratory Devices innovation which helps prevent the tube from pushing itself off during use. Used together with the dynamic stroke length adjustment, your NimbleStroker tube will stay put throughout your session.

The seal sizing determines how tenaciously the tube hangs on. Tighter seals will hold on better, but may limit the length of the stroke. Looser seals will allow for more motion, but may be more likely to slip off.

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